02.10.20 PartnershipsCoffee – the catalyst to stop, reflect and reset

Coffee - the catalyst to stop, reflect and reset

If you love coffee as much as we do, you would be able to relate to that feeling you get when you smell the sweet aroma of caffeine brewing. For many, it is almost like prozac in a cup. It represents many things including waking up, taking time out, getting over the afternoon slump or enjoying the company it is enjoyed with. Whatever it means to you, it represents a moment.

More than a pick me up!
So often, we focus on the taste, the spike in energy or coffee high we get from each sip. That’s where we think the happiness comes from but it’s seldom that we dive a little deeper and look into what the coffee allows for/represents. 

  • Time out for you: It’s hard to iron/do the dishes/clean the toilet while you are drinking a coffee. While there are those moments when you need it on the run, often drinking a coffee also allows time and space to take a moment for yourself! A moment to sit and reflect. Even if we only acknowledge the coffee in these moments, the moment is just as (if not more) important!
  • A moment to connect with others: How often does a meeting come with a coffee invitation? You meet a new business contact over coffee or (shock) your first Tinder date. But it’s not only new company – we often step out of the office with a colleague for some fresh air, a coffee and…a moment! It’s a way to catch up, connect and create moments/memories.
  • The power of ritual: A coffee (or 3) a day almost allows for us to commit to time out. To walking to the kitchen or the coffee shop. Even if we don’t make the connection, it’s a time out. A break from the day. A ritual of care. 

It’s more than just a coffee
While coffee has been the focus prop for this article, it could really be anything that symbolises a moment for you or triggers acts of self care/enjoyment. A cup of tea (if you like the slightly softer more leafy stuff), a whisky after work, a walk on the beach in your favourite trainers or a Sunday afternoon drive. So often these moments in our lives that we see as ‘regular activities’ are actually important acts of self love/self care/enjoyment. It’s the outcome of the experience – the feeling of calm, 5 minutes to ourselves, a new connection/a better connection – that builds the emotional bridge to the action itself. 

Keep ‘drinking’!
Whatever that moment is for you, don’t stop. Acknowledge what it means and when you sit down with that fresh cup, when you take your first delicious sip of your chosen drink after a long day or when you head out for that walk…acknowledge the act of taking (and enjoying) a moment for you and enjoy every minute! 


Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

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