01.03.21 FeaturesChoose To Challenge. The need to constantly ‘do’. An International Women’s Day event.

Choose To Challenge

An International Women’s Day spotlight panel debunking the need to constantly ‘do’ and highlighting the importance of taking time out for ‘you.’

‘From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge’.

We find ourselves living in a time of constant ‘doing’. If we are not accomplishing something, we often feel like we are wasting our time.

We are too often controlled by our minds and give ourselves very little time to stop, rest and reflect. So much of our self-worth is linked to what we ‘deliver’.

On International Women’s Day, we #ChooseToChallenge this misconception and throw a spotlight on issues around gender bias.

PURE and the B Project are coming together to challenge the value given to just ‘being’, The overwhelm of the never ending rat race is real, and taking time out (even if it’s 20 minutes) for ‘you time’ (whatever that means to you) can make more of a difference than many realise.

During the one hour lunch time panel, we #choosetochallenge…

  • The need to constantly do
  • Guilt caused by not being and delivering enough to those in our lives (mother, daughter, employee, manager, sister, friend). 
  • The value of just being/switching off/doing more of what we love and…
  • How ‘performing’ and ‘achieving’ is linked to our self worth

We will take a look into these ideas and bring forward experts from the wellness and corporate world to talk about practical ways individuals and organisations can manage their mental health and why taking a little time out for you is so important.

The PURE Group
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the PURE Group is Asia’s leading premium lifestyle brand that includes PURE Yoga, PURE Fitness, PURE Nutrition, nood food, PURE Apparel, PURECAST and FUZE.With a portfolio of 40+ locations encompassing Fitness, Yoga, Food & Beverage and Retail outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, the PURE Group is an integrated community dedicated to helping people lead a happier, balanced 360 lifestyle. The Group has over 90,000 clients, 2,000 employees and welcome around 17,000 clients daily across all locations.
www.pure-yoga.com | www.pure-fitness.com | www.purecast360.com | www.be-pure.com | www.allnood.com

The Panel

Sioux Lees
Director of Spa & Wellness – Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Sioux has extensive experience across the Globe and over 20 years in the Spa industry. As Director of Spa of Wellness at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, the Company’s flagship property Worldwide, Sioux leads a team of over 60 specialists in ensuring the needs of their guests of the Spa, Fitness Centre, Mandarin Salon and Mandarin Barber are catered for at the highest level.

Sioux has previously lived and worked in Spain, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, The Maldives, Thailand and The Cayman Islands. This comprehensive understanding of varied cultures and practices has provided Sioux with a far deeper understanding of the needs of individuals overall throughout the World.

Louise Corbett
Head of Story at the B Project

Louise has worked in Marketing and Communications with large multinational corporations across Australia, Asia and the Middle East for over 15 years. In 2019, Louise established her communications consultancy – Exceptional Existence – where she focuses on supporting organisations large and small in marketing, communications and presentation training while also working with c-suite leaders in larger corporations on thought leadership programs. Louise is also a certified coach, reiki healer (levels one and two), aromatherapist and a meditation junkie – she has been meditating every day for 8 years and believes it has changed her life.

Samantha Chan
PURE Yoga Instructor

Samantha has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. Samantha’s vision and knowledge have grown to include not only yoga, but also women’s health, life balance, and total wellness. In addition to her foundational Hatha Vinyasa teacher training, she has also expanded into Pre- and Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training, Birthlight Perinatal Yoga, Infant Massage, and Kids Yoga. Samantha is a Mindfulness teacher, Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki Master, Raw Food Chef and Health Educator and trained Massage therapist.

Monday, 8 March | 12 – 3pm (HKT)

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