08.10.20 A Moment With…Carol-Ann White talks about how social interaction is her fuel and her post Covid world.

Carol-Ann White

Carol-Ann White is all about people as group chief people officer of LANDOR & FITCH, based in London. Carol-Ann is responsible for leading the global people team and overseeing all aspects of people strategies across the group.  B project sat down with Carol for a B moment as she talked about her new post covid world, how social interaction is her fuel and how yoga keeps her sane.

How do you take time out for yourself?
When I initially started working from home, I found it so easy to sit on a Teams or Zoom call morning, noon and night! The lines between work and home become increasingly blurred and I, like many others, initially really struggled with taking time out. Relentless is the word that springs to mind!

One of my biggest releases from ‘work’ has always been social interaction. I get a lot of energy from it. In normal times, I have a busy social life with both work colleagues and friends, and so the one thing that I have done to add some balance and fun to my days is to take my social life virtual. I do this through online Friday drinks with my team, coffees and chats with friends, and a ‘night in’ with the girls etc. It’s not the same, but it definitely helps give me that energy I need.

Do you regularly schedule time for yourself?
Yes through regular physical activity which I find really helps me to maintain routine and balance. Pre-covid, I would be going to regular early yoga classes before I head into the office. These days, I have flipped to online classes, which has actually given me back a bit more sleep as I can get up a little later and just pad down the stairs at 7am to do a class from my lounge. I find it really sets me up for the day ahead!

Do you find it hard to take time out for yourself? Why?
I used to, particularly when I was travelling a lot, but I find trying to retain some level of routine in my day wherever I am in the world helps. Months of being ‘grounded’ and working from home has certainly helped me plan time for myself more easily. As long as I have time in the diary either early morning before meetings and calls start or later in the evening to get my yoga mat out, then I feel much better and generally more mentally balanced.

Are you good at doing nothing?
Definitely not. I really struggle to sit around doing nothing, but I think these current times of being at home a lot has helped me feel more comfortable with not being continually on the go. I am really hoping I can retain this when we eventually get to the other side and I start travelling again! 

What do you wish you had more time for?

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