B Project exists to balance the intensity of modern life with a moment for ourselves. We make a seat for your headspace because at B Project, we believe in the importance of taking a moment. A moment to relax. A moment to reflect. To have a drink. To read a book. To dream about future or relive past adventures.

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What is B Project?

B Project is a platform; a white canvas for creativity. A seat for your headspace as well as a platform and a movement to inspire and celebrate mindful moments. Everyday.

How did B Project come about?

Kind of by accident. The Timothy Oulton senior design team put pen to paper one day and the B project chair was born. A chair not to slouch and relax in for too long in but also not one to sit upright and work in for hours. A chair with a slight bounce as you touch down and with an overall friendly feel. This was more than a chair. It was a place where you could stay a while to be or perhaps find you again.

Is this the first ever collectable chair?

Each *B Chair* will have its own uniqueness. The most common wing being our Classic range but, just like every individual, the B project chair will take on many unique flavours, colours and reiterations as we work with individuals and organisations to spread the global movement of finding time for you.

You’re strong believers in people making time for themselves, why?

Too many people put the relationship they have with themselves last but many studies show that the relationship you have with yourself is actually the most important relationship to nurture and maintain. Taking time for yourself can result in better relationships with others, more creativity, better mental strength and making better decisions for yourself such as what you eat, who you surround yourself with etc.

What are the objectives of the B Project?

To use our platform to inspire mental wellness for all. We strive to empower people to implement time for themselves and to create new positive daily rituals.

Is B Project a Charity?

B Project is not a charity, nor currently linked to any charity. B Project is passionate about mental health and promoting and celebrating moments of mindfulness everyday.

How do I join the B Project?

You can join the movement in many ways. Join the movement by following us on our social pages or purchase a B Chair and dedicate a space in your home/workplace for ‘you’. A dedicated space for time to celebrate mindfulness and regularly commit to taking time to enjoy a moment (whatever that means for you).
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Who are the people behind the B Project?

Designers and strategists who identified a need to think outside the box and build on the growing awareness of the importance of mental health. The movement was developed to inspire, educate and simplify the idea of mindful moments and the simple things in life that bring us joy (but we so often don’t allow enough time for). We are shining a light on this through providing a place to relax and informing our community about why it is so very important to take a B Moment (whatever that means to them).

Homepage Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash

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